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The Taste For Flesh


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The History of Stiener House
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The Stiener House


This is the house of the
old man that "lived" down
your street, you bugged him,
now he is back, with a Taste
For Flesh

If you haven't figured this out yet this page is dedicated to the independent film THE TASTE FOR FLESH , The movie's basic premise is that of an old classic silent horror movie, with a lot of zombies blood and gore plus a few things you will not expect.


The new info on the info page is, all new info will be on the news page, makes sense right?, but you can still get all of your non news type of stuff here.


The director, writer, executive producer, camera man, actor, ect.
This guy does almost every thing, he is the brain child behind the movie
if it wasn't for him their would be no movie, others have done a lot but
he deserves a place on the info page.


Independent means low budget, not CHEAP!