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The Taste For Flesh


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the director want's a place to
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to The film Taste For Flesh
and this is the place to get
the lateist from the man him

TFF News Update...

May 17th, 2001

Blood Funnel Productions is working with the New Jersey-based punk band A Dose Of Reality. We will be constructing a music video and live shows. The band will be playing a show this Saturday, May 19th, at Veterans Park in Bayville, all invited. Blood Funnel Productions will be playing a huge role. Expect to see signs, banners, and flyers. An up coming film is in the works too! More information will be giving about that shortly. Expect the launch of an official Blood Funnel web site as well.

May 14th, 2001

'The Taste For Flesh' gets mentioned!

'The Taste For Flesh' won an Honorable Mention Award at the Ocean County Technolgy Fair in the video production department! This was a surprise considering all the other winners were productions targeted at audiences under 12. But, seems the judges couldn't resist the taste for flesh. The film will be available to view at the Ocean County Mall between the dates of May 14th and May 20th. Please go and support the film! Thanks to all that made it possible.


The Taste For Flesh has won the Teen Arts competition in the regionals of Ocean County, NJ! It will move on to a state competition later this May. Congratulations to all that made this possible!

The Taste For Flesh back in production! Due to the advancing in Teen Arts, the film was not in production for about two weeks. But now, we're back in the swing of things. Chrissy and Zarko (Brian) are acting the first scene they appear. Zarko and Josh have been working hard fighting each other, zombie versus human. Josh has been doing a little more make up work lately, so be prepared to see some great FX.
Jon is back behind the camera doing all he can just to get a great shot. Check back for more production notes!

Bill is back! The recent rumors are false, Bill is still alive and well. He has updated the site, with some cast and crew pics and a news section. Good job Bill!

All News and stories written by Jonathan Zelenak.