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The Taste For Flesh


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The History of Stiener House
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The History of Stiener House

did it really happen, you may not think so
till it happens to you...


The Stiener House is a very mysterious place located in central New Jersey. The house was originally owned and inhabited by a man with the nickname "Old Man Stiener." He suffered the cruel treatment of the local town boys playing some pranks. A day of pranks turned to a day of horrors as a boy was accidentally killed when Stiener was trying to scare off the boys from his property. The boys were hidden in the basement of the Stiener house. When the police came to investigate, the boys and Stiener were nowhere to be found. The police told the public they had banished Stiener from town and the boys were missing. But, the police altered the story, whereas The Taste For Flesh tells no lies...

As years went on, Stiener's house fell apart and showed the beatings of the weather. The government declared his property private and was posted as "No Trespassing." Housing developments were built around the decaying house. A road was even named after his legend, but the spelling of his name was changed to try as an attempt for the townspeople to remember the actual Stiener and what he had done. As it stands today, the house remains as private property and is place where human life should not linger.

lock the doors shut the windows hide the bottles, Stiener is comeing.