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The Taste For Flesh


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The History of Stiener House
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The Cast, The Crew
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The Cast, The Crew

The names below are the people
that make all the good stuff happen

A Blood Funnel Production

I. Talent-
1. Female- Chrissy Krehely
2. Male Boyfriend- Brian Zarko
3. Zombie 1- Jonathan Zelenak
4. Zombie 2- Phil Costa
5. Zombie 3- Josh Micciolo
II. Technical Director - Bill (William) Hall
III. Make up artist - Josh Micciolo
IV. Grip and handy man- Brian Zarko
V. Written/producer- Jonathan Zelenak
VI. Web page designer/photos- Bill (William Hall)
VII. Director- Jonathan Zelenak


all of the pic's
that need to
be up
are up


Our Lovely Cast And Crew